What are the fashion colors for 2023? How do I combine these spring colors?

After the dark days, spring appears again. The tulips are in full bloom. The blossom is also trying hard to be beautiful again. The dark colors in your closet can be exchanged for the cheerful colors of this spring.

This spring we mainly see soft pastel colors. Many in red and pink tones, as well as striking yellow and green. Cheerful colors that go well with summer. These colors can be combined very well with a light color. White and black would not be colors, but they certainly count for us. Everything is also easy to combine with white and black certainly combines well with these bold colors.

Wonderjeans offers these cheerful colors in both ankle and capris fashion model.

green stretch pants, ankle

The color green is the top color of the moment. This color suits everyone. Can be easily combined with white, gray or black.

light blue women's ankle pants with stretch

Blue, sky blue , is a color that radiates tranquility and can be combined with many other light colors. A print can also go very well with this color. Blue combines well and easily because it is a good basic color. Think of white, for example, but also think of red, yellow or orange for a somewhat striking look. The Wonder jeans are available in different shades of blue, marina , a light blue sky blue, as shown in the photo above. Also available in light blue , a light jeans color, blue denim, a dark blue color and the blue super wash , which is a light jeans color with a special wash.

pink ankle or ankle pants with stretch

The flamingo pink color is a bit daring, but therefore very popular. This color radiates energy and cheerfulness. In addition, pink is very feminine and can be combined with many colors. Think white, blue and light pink. The color pink can also be combined very well with brown tones. Nice to wear to a festive occasion, but also for a summer day on the terrace.

lemon yellow ankle pants, elastic and slimming

The yellow or lemon can be worn very well in the  summer. Yellow is a very fresh and cheerful color that puts a smile on everyone's face. This color is not very suitable for ladies with pale skin. Yellow can be combined well with white and other light colors, but also with black, dark blue and gray.